What is a Domain

Domain name is your website address and we will use the website. Visitors to your website by typing in the search engines is to enter your domain name. Domain names called IP address, the computers in a more simple and permanent state of mind of the number system that allows mutual recognition. When turning the Internet domain name of your articles before that domain name to IP address, then takes you to a computer connected to this IP address.

There is the time taken domain names. Domain names are a minimum of 1 year maximum of 10 years. You have the possibility of extension for your domain name after the period is over. There are extensions of domain names. For example, “com, net, org, com and so on.” There are many domain extensions. It is located in one of the most widely used extension .com extension. Please com extension preferences

. If you take the other if it is not available .com domain extension of the address most commonly used extensions need to profile. Among the most commonly used .com extension after the “net, org and com” address comes. But in order to get the documentation you need com.

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