.TR Required Documents

To get the TR domain address is required to submit several documents to METU. Taken from the Turkish Patent Institute “Trademark Registration Certificate” or “Brand Reference Document” The requested domain name must be identical to the trademark registration number. In the petition, the tracking number as other administrative departments responsible for the free code, the code responsible for payment, technical nic areas must remain FP39-METU. Name and surname on the outside of these areas (belonging to the owners of the company), domain name, e-mail, fill in the phone and address information from company owner’s signature and company started with the bowl must be sent to us. You can send by courier the original receipt of payment charges has been made to the Turkish Patent Institute.

All transfer operations after the completion of your domain name registration information in our system through empty spaces, it is necessary to update this space with the Client. Domain registration remains pending until after payment of the order. Payment as soon as the approval is defined. You can make any other user domains handling charge you get to question.

Domaine address questioning at least one year may receive a maximum of 10 annual domain name. Since the end of the domain you have the option to extend the time period of the first 1 months domains. You must take your first question is available domains. Com to get the most commonly used would be better located in one of the most used extensions com. The .com extension is full There is no other alternative extensions can use them.