Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag is a tag information embedded in the HEAD section of your HTML code. Meta tags provide information about the contents of the site to search engines. Meta tags can help your website to appear in top spots. There are many meta tag. The title tag is located at the beginning of the meta tag is the title used in the website.

Description tag could be called a short caption is the slogan on the website there is a limit on the label when used as much as Google is able to detect spam. Description section, including Google, are supported by a search engine and is used to display properly in search results for your site. Keywords are labels describing the label’s website. It is a major label to appear in the Web site’s top order. Keywords tag must be separated by commas. Robots attach this tag, it describes how she should behave when confronted with the contents of the site to search engines.

The left of the comma expression while ensuring decide whether indekslenip indexed pages, refers to the right of expression whether to follow the links page.